The UWM Social Media project utilized Twitter in several courses at UWM on a piilot basis in Spring of 2010. This pilot continues this fall with a couple dozen new faculty. For more information, visit:

As Twitter becomes increasingly popular, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has taken steps to stay abreast of new developments, take a lead in exploring the new technology, and become an active participant in the debate.

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How can twitter increase communication in online classes?

How can twitter be used in blended and f2f classes, in particular, large lecture?

EDUCAUSE: 7 Things you should know about backchannel communication

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August 11, 2009, 03:00 PM ET

'Teens Don't Tweet'

By Marc Parry

Is your college Twittering to reach potential students?
They're not listening.
That, anyway, is one conclusion you could be tempted to draw from the headline on a new piece of research. “Teens Don't Tweet; Twitter's Growth Not Fueled By Youth,” the Nielsen Company reported in a finding picked up by Mashable.
The figures fit with what Tanya M. Joosten, a lecturer in the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee's department of communication who tweeted about the new numbers, found in a survey of her own students.
“I think most of the students don’t even know what Twitter is, under the age of 25,” Ms. Joosten said in an interview Tuesday. “There’s been no reason for them to be introduced to it.”

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Tweeting in Class

November 5, 2009
DENVER — Do Twitter skeptics really believe the popular microblogging service offers no educational value, or are they just afraid of it?
For W. Gardner Campbell, director of the Academy of Teaching and Learning at Baylor University, there is no question that fear of straying from the status quo has inhibited the development of Twitter as a teaching tool. “I go to conferences like Open Education 2009, and I come back with T-shirts like this: ‘Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute,’ ” he said Wednesday at the annual Educause conference here. “And all it adds up to is more punishment at the hands of well-meaning, sometimes, but ultimately self-preserving institutional structures.”
While some higher ed officials — including nearly everyone at Wednesday's debate between Campbell and Bruce Maas, CIO of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee — use Twitter for fun, many balk at the idea of incorporating it into the classroom.
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Live by Example

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external image jessica_knott_col5a.jpg?w=432&h=82As previously discussed in this column, when it comes to Twitter, there is no “right way” to do things. Learning the right balance of tweets, re-tweets and replies to meet your needs and increase your return on (time) investment is a learning process like any other. For this column, I’ve compiled a list of educators and technologists that I look to as good examples of using Twitter in an approachable way to network, share, learn and grow.